Monday, 8 August 2016

Dining in Style

These contain both the etiquette for the King's dinners and for dining amongst the nobility in general.

  • Each course was prescribed a specific place on the table and was not to be moved from that spot
  • All the food was served at once - this was known as dining a la Francaise in comparison to dining a la Russe (in the Russian style) where dishes were served individually
  • Courtiers helped themselves to whatever they desired but could not get up to get to a dish out of their reach. Instead, it was normal to pass a plate along for their neighbour to fill it with the desired dish - but with moderation
  • There were three courses: soup/fish, roasts and desserts
  • Gentlemen must always remove their hats when at the King's dinner table even if the King is not there in person
  • All food and drink provided for the royal family was served to them since royalty could not reach for anything themselves
  • When the King dines with the Queen au grand couvert they are served by ladies only and not by the King's own servants. This stems from an ancient tradition whereas the Queen is only to be seen surrounded by her ladies  

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  1. Did ladies wear any special garment to cover their bodices/skirts? With all the volume and trimmings, I imagine it was easy to get splashes of food on their clothes.