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House of Aumont

The House of Aumont are descendants of Jean, Lord of Aumont who accompanied Louis IX on his crusade.

Antoine d'Aumont de Rochebaron was elevated to the rank of Duc d'Aumont in 1665 - at the time of his elevation he already held the title of Marquis d'Isles. Antoine's son, Louis-Marie-Victor, remained at court with Louis XIV until he was appointed ambassador to London. In 1669 he married Madeleine Fare (daughter of Michel Le Tellier) with whom he had five children.
His son, Louis d'Aumont, succeeded his father as ambassador to London before marrying Olympe de Brouilly.

The family remained at court where they continued to play key parts and remained close to their Kings. This latter part was especially true for Alexandre d'Aumont who was a fervent follower of Louis XVI and helped him escape from captivity in Paris only for the King to be captured at Varennes. Louis-Marie-Celeste d'Aumont shared his father's faith in the dethroned French King and migrated during the revolution to join the royalist army. When Napoleon came to power he was rewarded with the post of First Gentleman of the King's Bedchamber.

The line died out in 1888.

Titles held by the House of Aumont:
Duc d'Aumont
Duc de Mazarin (through marriage)
Marquis d'Isles
Marquis de Villequier
Marquis de Piennes (through marriage)

Special honours and notes:

  • For 200 years the House of Aumont held the position of First Gentleman of the King's Bedchamber
  • Louis-Marie-Victor was governor of Paris as well as ambassador to London
  • Louis-Marie-Celeste aided Napoleon during the Hundred Days
  • Louis-Marie-Augustin d'Aumont amassed a huge collection of artwork which was widely recognised as one of the finest

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