Monday, 9 March 2015

Sèvres: The Essex Service

Sèvres created this service for George Capel-Coningsby, Earl of Essex between 1764-1770. Later on it was purchased by George IV who happened to be a close friend to the Earl. Today, it is still in the English royal family's collection which essentially means that HM Queen Elizabeth II owns them.

The set consists of 65 pieces including 34 plates, 2 round fruit dishes, 2 sugar bowls, 4 shell-shaped fruit dishes, 7 ice cream cups, 2 round trays, 2 wine coolers, 4 half-bottle coolers and 2 trays with attached jam pots.

The main colour is the bleu celeste or heavenly blue which was one of Sèvres' trademark colours.

Tray with the seven ice cups

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