Saturday, 21 March 2015

BONUS: South Wing - Ground Floor

The south wing was nicknamed "the Princes' wing" since the King would often grant Princes apartments in this particular part of the palace. This is how the ground floor looked like during Louis XIV's reign - I would hazard that this would have been the late 1690's or early 1700's.

The apartments:

Blue Section: Difficult to make out from the document but it belonged to a Duchesse
Turquoise Section: Monsieur and Madame du Maine
Green Section: Apartment of Mademoiselle
Lime Section: Monsieur le Duc
Yellow Section: Madame la Duchesse
Orange Section: Comte de L..ry
Apricot Section: Duchesse de M., Lady of Honour to the Queen
Red Section: Monsieur de Champagne or Chevreuse
Pink Section: Duc d'A.
Old Rose Section: Duc de Fleury
Beige/camel Section: Marèchal d'H.
Light grey Section: Cardinal d'Auvergne, Grand Almoner to the King
Charcoal Section: Duc d'Harcourt
Lavender Section: Mademoiselle de Clermont, Superintendent of the Queen's Household

A: Duc de Villars Brancas
B: Duc d'Aumale, First Gentleman of the Chamber

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