Friday, 20 March 2015

BONUS: North Wing of Louis XIV's Time - First floor

The most dominating change from Louis XIV's Versailles to that of Louis XV is that addition of the Opera which is clearly lacking from this one.

The first floor of the north wing was used to house high ranking courtiers and the occasional relative of the royal family.

The apartments and their holders (from the top left):

Blue Section: The Prince de Dombes
Turquoise Section: The Comte d'Eu
Green Section: Cardinal Rohan
Lime Section: Mademoiselle de Sens, First Lady of Honour to the Queen
Yellow Section: The Duc de Charost, Captain of the Guards
Orange Section: The Duchesse de Bèthune
Apricot Section: The Duc de Saint-Simon
Rose Section: M. de Cassé
Pink Section: The Comte de Tallirand (later spelled Talleyrand)
Purple Section: Somewhat unclear but I could make out the Comte de Bet.
Lavender Section: The Marèchal de Villars

A: Belonged to the Officers of the Guards
B: For the chapel's clerics

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