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Portraits: The Royal Family

Deaths, weddings and births meant that the royal family changed constantly which has given rise to great deal of family portraits within the royal family. It was mainly during Louis XIV's reign that these portraits included the King and his nearest family but I have included portraits focusing more on the minor fractions of the royal family.

Basically, this is a scrapbook of the French royal family.

At the end of Louis XIV's life.
Madame de Ventadour is seen holding the Duc d'Anjou - who would later become Louis XV
in leading strings. Standing with an arm on his father's chair is the Grand Dauphin and of course it is Louis XIV himself seated. The young man to the far right is the Duc de Bourgogne who is second in line to inherit the throne as well as the father
of the Duc d'Anjou.

From the left: Queen Henrietta of England (originally French-born), Monsieur, Marie Louise d'Orlèans, Henrietta of England (Monsieur's wife), Anne of Austria, Louis XIV, the Grand Dauphin, Marie Thérèse and the Grande Mademoiselle. The three young women in the background are Monsieur's daughters.
Around 1662: Louis XIV, Marie Thérèse and their son, the Grand Dauphin
The French Royal Family in circa 1663 by Jacob van Loo.png
Around 1663: Possibly Anne of Austria to the far left and Henrietta of England next to her. The woman in the middle would I presume to be Marie Thérèse while the man standing to her right is Philippe, Duc d'Orlèans. Of course, Louis XIV is to the far right.

1679: Duchesse d'Orlèans, Elizabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate, with her two children by Philippe, Duc d'Orlèans
Grand Dauphin Family.jpg
1687. The family of the Grand Dauphin who is here portrayed with his wife, Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria and their three sons: Louis (known as Le Petit Dauphin to distinguish him from his father), Philippe (who would become King of Spain) and Charles, Duc de Berry
Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI receives Marie's brother, Joseph, at Versailles

Anonyme - La famille royale.jpg
Louis XVI (centre) with Marie Antoinette and their newborn son and heir, Louis Joseph with Madame Royale at his feet. Present are also Madame Élisabeth, the Comte and Comtesse de Provence and Comte and Comtesse d'Artois

Marie Antoinette with Madame Royale holding on to her arm. On the Queen's lap is Louis Joseph while Louis Charles is pointing to the empty cradle - a sad gesture of the infant princess, Sophie, who died

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