Wednesday, 25 March 2015

BONUS: The Ministers' Housing

Most of the floor plans of Versailles are taken from the château itself but this one is from the Ministers' housing which was located right outside the Court of Honour - fenced off by the main gate. This is where important ministers were housed, so that they would not be too far off in case the King needed them. However, they were not important enough to get an apartment within the château itself!

The apartments on the left:

Blue Section: The General of the French Guards
Turquoise Section: Monsieur de Pons
Green Section: Minister of Foreign Affairs
Purple Section: Divided between the Minister of War and the "Maître d'Hotel" of the Queen

The apartments on the right:

Yellow Section: The General of the Swiss Guards
Orange Section: Minister of the Navy
Red Section: The Comte de Saint-Florentin
Pink Section: The Intendant of Finance

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