Tuesday, 28 May 2013

du Barry's Teal Gown

Asia Argento portrays Madame du Barry in Marie Antoinette (2006). She wears this dress when Madame du Barry attends the wedding of Marie Antoinette and Louis Auguste. Sadly, the gown is only seen briefly and it is only the top of the dress that is shown. The exotic teal colour would definitely stand out among the pastel gowns of the other ladies. The bodice is decorated with dark (black?) lace that just peak up over the neckline. A brooch of diamonds tops off the bodice.
An interesting feature with this dress is the little decoration at her middle of her upper arm - the same lace used for the bodice is pinned to the dress with a diamond brooch. The sleeves end in a wide white lace. It may seem as if she is wearing a watch but it is in fact a bracelet which she is also wearing on her other arm. Madame du Barry was infamous for her love of jewels and this dress is accompanied by a huge teal-coloured gemstone embedded on a silver and diamond base. It's definitely worth of a royal mistress.

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