Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Petit Trianon: Small Salon

This room was only available to those who were closest to the King or Queen; Louis XV used it either for informal dinners or as a gaming room. It is located right between the Grand Salon and the Dining Room which would make it easy for the guests to withdraw to more intimate surroundings. Compared to most other rooms at the Petit Trianon this room was lighted by a chandelier hung from the middle of the ceiling and not the common lanterns used throughout the palace. A fireplace of very red marble inspired the red colour used for the long curtains at the windows. As it was commonplace at the Queen's retreat the décor was to be simple and consequently there is no painting on the ceiling - instead the mouldings has been carved to depict leaves in a very pale green.
From 1784 Marie Antoinette had the room transformed into a billiard room instead of a dining room but the chandelier remained in its place.

The marvellous red marble fireplace
Close-up of the clock on the mantle-piece
This pretty little console table and
portrait are placed right next to the
View of the middle of the room - opposite to the door. Notice the bright
red curtains

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