Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Vestibule to the Royal Chapel

The vestibule gives an impression of being almost colourless at first sight due to the neutral beige of the stone walls - but at a closer look there are signs of the amazing décor that signifies Versailles. The walls are exquisitely decorated with engravings often depicting angels dressed in clothes from the Antiquity (the Antiquity was a major source of inspiration at this time). You cannot not notice the massive white doors with beautiful golden carvings that leads into the chapel itself. The floor is made of three different colours of marble: white, black and red. Opposite the grandiose doors three large windows lets in sunlight; a large lantern (similar to those that can be found at the Petit Trianon) lights up the place at night.
Two separate rows of twelve columns divides the room without closing it off. A main attraction in this room is a large statue made from the same material as the walls. The impressive statue is called "Magnanimité" and was created by Jacques Bosseau


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