Monday, 27 May 2013

Rights for a Ritual

Being a Catholic monarchy the royal family attended Mass with the normal entourage of several courtiers - and of course etiquette followed. 
Thanks to a quote by Madame from 1710 we are presented with an accurate account of how each part of the already time-consuming Mass was made even longer by the endless rules of etiquette. Instead of writing the entire passage, this is what can be concluded from her testimony. Ready for worshipping with royalty?

  • The granddaughters of France (the King's granddaughters) were entitled to a servant - known as a Chapel Clerk. It was his responsibility to hold a candle from the Sanctus of the Preface and right until Domine, non sum dignus - he was also trusted with the task of giving responses to the Mass. Bear in mind that it was only the granddaughters of France who had this right!
  • The princesses of the blood was not entitled to a Chapel Clerk but had to make due with a page.
  • At the end of the Mass the priest would carry the chalice to the royal family for them to kiss it. But it was not for everyone in the royal family - the princes and princesses of the blood was not given this honour. 

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