Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Madame Etiquette's Red/Blue Gown

Judy Davis portrays Anne d'Arpajon who was known as Comtesse de Noailles at court but was given the nick-name "Madame Etiquette" by Marie Antoinette in the 2006-edition of Marie Antoinette. The upper parts of the dress (bodice and sleeves) including the two "wings" on the dress are made of a deep scarlet velvet trimmed with a pale blue ribbon. The petticoat of the dress is made of a matching baby blue colour but is remarkably enough not decorated - perhaps the expensive velvet was enough luxury?
The black gloves matches the satin ribbon that is used to tie the pearl necklace with at the back of her neck. The white lace of the sleeves is somewhat special because (as can be seen on the second picture) they are made in a similar style to an Elizabethan ruff. The same kind of lace is used at the shoulders and just peaks up from beneath the bodice.
Pearls has been used several times for this costume and not just for the pearl necklace. The bodice is decorated with pearls though it is probably not used to fasten the bodice. Notice the two diamond rings that has been attached to the back of her dress.

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