Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bright Colours for a Troubled Mind

This costume is worn in the third part of BBC's series on Versailles "Countdown to Revolution" by Louis XVI. The coat and the waistcoat is made of the same very bright beige with embroideries of a darker shade. The trousers however are completely white (and of silk) - it is quite uncommon to see a monarch from the 18th century wearing white trousers, even at their weddings they are mostly depicted in gold, silver or beige. The pale blue royal sash is fastened by a large diamond star brooch. The King wears a diamond-embedded order on his coat. The white neck-ruff is very discreet - this is historically accurate since this particular piece of clothing was going out of favour during Louis XVI's reign. Remarkably large pieces of lace has been attached to the opening of the sleeves. The buttons are of the same beige colour and has also been used to hold the sleeves pinned up which reveals the same kind of embroidery used at the edge of the waistcoat and coat.

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