Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Green Velvet

Hilary Swank plays the leading role of Jeanne St. Remy de Valois in "the Affair of the Necklace" from 2001. The gown is a zone front gown; the sleeves and the bodice are both made of green velvet. The flap that is folded back on the bodice reveals a brighter colour for the lining of the sleeves which has also been embroidered with dark green thread. The skirt is of a black fabric that is considerably rougher than the precious velvet - it might even be wool. The white lace at the sleeves and the neckline stands in a stark contrast to the rather dark colours of the remaining costumes.The shining buttons on the sleeves and the bodice has quite possibly been decorated with a silver-finish. The remarkable hat matches the brighter green tones and is made of several bows sewn unto each other. And then there are the mandatory feathers - also in a green shade of course.

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