Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sky Blue Royalty

This set worn by Xavier Beauvois as Louis XVI in "Farewell, my Queen" is actually reused in the movie with a different waistcoat. The coat and the trousers are made of sky blue silk adorned with golden embroideries of golden sheaves. The King is wearing the royal sash across his chest right beneath the white lace ruffles at the neck. The coat is lined with a golden fabric on the inside which can just be spotted thanks to the wind. On both occasions he carries a black walking stick with him with a golden knob for a handle. Besides, a sword hangs from his left side.
The waistcoat on the first two pictures are made of golden silk in the same tone as the embroideries. However, the colour is changed in the last picture to a matching sky blue that has also been embroidered. Due to the sunlight and the pale tone of the fabric the star-shaped brooch adorned with diamonds can hardly be seen.

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