Saturday, 13 December 2014

Plans Of The First Floor: Louis XIV

Recently, I came across a wonderful floor plan which shows how the apartments of Versailles' first floor were divided. Notice how the present private apartments of both the King and Queen are not existing at this point; actually, it would be Louis XV who added them in an attempt to escape the curious eyes of the courtiers.

The Turquoise Section: The King's Grand Apartment
A. The War Salon
B. The Salon of Apollo
C. The Salon of Mercury
D. The Salon of Mars
E. Tribune of Musicians
F. The Salon of Diana
G. The Salon of Venus
H. The Salon of Abundance
I. The Salon of Hercules

The Pink Section: The Queen's Grand Apartment
A. The Peace Salon
B. The Queen's Bedchamber
C. Grand Cabinet of the Queen
D. Antechamber of the Queen
E. Hall of the Queen's Guards
F. Grand Hall of the Guards

The Green Section: Cardinal de Fleury's Apartment

The Purple Section: Duc de La Rouchefoucauld's Apartment

The Yellow Section: Madame de Maintenon's Apartment

The Pale Blue Section: M. de Noailles' Apartment

The Coral Section: Bureau of the Domain of Versailles

The Orange Section: The King's Confessor's Apartment

The Grey Section: Salons

The Sky-blue Section: Bathrooms 

The Indigo Section: Cabinets

The White Sections:

A. Pavilion d'Orlèans
B. Staircase of the Princes
C. Passage
D. Staircase
E. The Marble Staircase
F. Vestibule of the Marble Staircase
G. Hall of the King's Guard
H. Antechamber
I. Aeil-de-Baeuf or the King's Grand Antechamber
J. The Hall of Mirrors
K. Bedchamber of Louis XIV
L. Cabinet of Louis XIV
M. Cabinet of Wigs
N. Billiard Room
O. Cabinet of Agates
P. Cabinet of Jewels
Q. The Oval Salon
R. The Small Gallery
S. The Ambassador's Staircase
T. The Cabinet of Medals
U. Vestibule to the Chapel
V. The Chapel


  1. actually, this shows the layout during Louis XV's reign prior to the destruction of the "l'Escalier de l'Ambassadeur". btw, 'N' is not a billiard room, it is the private bedroom of Louis XV (& later, of Louis XVI). Louis XIV actually slept in the whacking great bed that sits in the central bedroom ('K'), but Louis XV preferred something more comfortable & so had 'N' created.

  2. ADDENDUM: i should add that you are correct, partially, about the billiard room. it was, indeed, a billiard room during Louis XIV's time. ....however, the plan you posted, as i said previously, is not from Louis XIV's time. the plan you posted shows Louis XV's bedroom & not a billiard room.

  3. @skindustrial68 thank you for your input but according to several sources including Drexel University, this is indeed the plan of Louis XIV. Though it is one of the later plans drawn during his reign which might cause some confusion

  4. @skindustrial68, also: if you look at the letter S you will find that the post already mentions that about the Ambassador's Staircase (or l'Escalier de l'Ambassadeur, if you will)

  5. Do you have something like this for Louis xvi’s time

  6. do you have a modern plan?
    Or at least one from Louis XVI's reign?