Tuesday, 3 September 2019

The Crown Jewels

The collection of French Crown Jewels was initiated by Francis I in the 16th century and only grew over the centuries. Sadly, during the revolution, the majority of the Crown Jewels were sold off and thus were scattered throughout the world. Even those pieces of jewellery that was successfully smuggled out were rarely in the same condition as prior to the revolution; many had been broken up - probably in order to enable the smuggling - and later resembled in a different design.

Still, the Crown Jewels of France were amongst the most magnificent in the world during the years of Versailles. Below, individual gemstones as well as entire inventories gives an insight into the glittering treasury of the French royal family. 

The Crown Jewels

Inventory of 1666

(new additions to the collection)

Inventory of 1791
(individual stones)

The Individual Gemstones

"The Sancy"

The Individual Pieces (1660-1715)

The Individual Pieces (1716-1774)

The Individual Pieces (1775-1789)

The Personal Collections

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