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The Crown Jewels of 1774

The following pieces of jewellery were added by 1774 but is not a complete list of the entire royal collection; these pieces were added to those already in the treasury which are accounted for under the inventories of 1666 and 1691. Depending on when the individual pieces were purchased they would have been available to the Marie Leszczynska and later to Marie Antoinette.


1 necklace of 45 diamonds

1 pearl necklace (possibly of pearls with a pink hue)

Parures / Sets

1 set of 120 diamond buttons (meant to be attached to clothing)

1 set consisting of a bejewelled belt and epaulettes; the stones used are colourful, so not "just" white diamonds. This particular set is specifically said to have been made for Louis XV.

1 diamond set consisting of: 1 large diamond, 2 diamond necklaces, 3 pieces made up of small diamonds (unspecified nature), 2 diamond bracelets, 1 diamond pendant and 1 cross with 5 diamonds.

1 diamond and ruby set consisting of a necklace, earrings, pendants and several other pieces


1 pair of earrings with two pearls each

1 pair of girandole earrings of diamonds and pearls

Billedresultat for marie leszczynska alexis simon belle
Marie Leszczynska wearing several diamonds
attached to her stomacher as well as a double-
row of pearls in her hair


120 diamond buttons (meant for vests)

128 buttons of diamonds and pearls


1 pair of epaulettes adorned with pink diamonds

1 epaulette of diamonds and rubies 

Aigrettes / Hat Adornments

1 hat adornment of 7 diamonds

1 hat adornment of eleven diamonds and seven pearls

1 aigrette of nine pear-shaped diamonds


7 large diamond brooches

14 smaller diamond brooches


19 pieces of jewellery intended to be attached to or around the buttonhole - almost like a brooch; each consisting of three diamonds

1 row of twenty-one pearls

1 row of twenty-five pearls with a pendant of one large, round pearl

9 pear-shaped diamonds (to be attached to a stomacher or a justaucorps)

1 pendant consisting of a yellow diamond

1 Golden Fleece of gold and coloured gemstones

1 Golden Fleece of four large diamonds, eight medium-sized diamonds and several brillants

1 Saint-Esprit cross of eighteen diamonds and several small diamonds and rose-coloured gems

1 Saint-Esprit cross with sky-blue sash

Billedresultat for louis xv
Louis XV is wearing a Saint-Esprit cross
with a blue sash - possibly the one mentioned
in the inventory

The inventory glosses rather easily over "several precious stones and pieces of jewellery - of diverse colours - acquired during the reign of Louis XV" but does not specify exactly what jewellery it is. It does mention, however, girandole earrings and bracelets as being amongst the pieces.

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