Monday, 2 September 2019

The Wardrobe of Hyacinthe Rigaud

Hyacinthe Rigaud served as Louis XIV's court painter; as such he was not an aristocrat nor was he ennobled by his greatest patron. Yet, he spent considerable time both at court and in private with the most eminent personages of the French court. Therefore, his wardrobe had to reflect a delicate balance: refined enough to pass the scrutiny of Versailles but not grand enough to rival his superiors on the social scale.

Hyacinth Rigaud


2 pairs of brown, silk breeches

2 pairs of breeches made of granulated fabric

Dressing gowns

1 green silk dressing gown with embroidery and buttons with golden thread

1 dressing gown (unknown colour) trimmed with a braid and silver-threaded buttons

1 damask dressing gown of various colours - described as "old", so it was probably somewhat shabby

1 dressing gown (unknown colour)

1 grey dressing gown with embroideries and silver buttons

1 satin dressing gown

Great coats / Jackets / Justaucorps

1 red great-coat in the Roquelaure-style (buttoned down the front and reaching to the knees) with golden braids and buttons 

1 jacket with silver buttons and a decorative hem

1 black velvet jacket with embroideries and gold buttons

1 brown silk jacket

1 black coat - again described as "old"

1 coat (unknown colour and material)

Habits / Suits

1 habit of Silesian fabric (unknown colour) trimmed with a braid and golden buttons

1 suit (trousers and jacket) of black fabric 

1 habit consisting of brown breeches, a brown waistcoat trimmed with a braid, a great-coat with gold buttons - all with a black velvet lining 

1 grey habit consisting of a waist-coat and breeches with golden braids and buttons

1 black, velvet suit - another "old" piece of clothing

Shirts / Nightshirts

12 embroidered shirts of Dutch linen and muslin 

8 various shirts with lace

12 nightshirts of plain muslin


1 olive-green vest with a black, velvet lining, a silver braid and matching silver buttons


10 waistcoats of English cotton


2 hats made of beaver-fur 

2 sachets or bags of bear-skin

1 bag (unknown material or colour)

3 chestnut-coloured wigs (perruques) - these cannot have been of a very appealling nature since they are also described as old 

1 sword with silver hilt

1 sword with partially silver and partially golden hilt

1 cane

8 dishabille robes in different styles

12 cravats

4 pairs of cuffs with various lace and mesh

20 muslin cravats of which three are embroidered

12 cotton handkerchiefs 

The estimated total sum of this wardrobe was 1218 livres.

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