Friday, 28 November 2014

Château d'Amboise

Having been in the hands of nobility ever since the 8th century the Château d'Amboise was confiscated by the Crown in the 15th century by Charles VII. The château received its fair part of royal attention and was both expanded and glorified in such a degree that even Francis I was comfortable there. Catherine de Medici and her husband, Henri II, raised their children here and Leonardo da Vinci was once a guest.

It is quite possible that the château could have remained in power if it had not been for the Amboise Conspiracy during the French Wars of Religion which effectively cooled the French King's taste for it. They can hardly be blamed since about 1200 were hung from the walls until the stench became so unbearable that the royal family left. Having been unoccupied for years the château was given to Gaston d'Orlèans (brother of Louis XIII) but returned to the Crown upon his death. Louis XIV used the castle as a prison during the Fronde and when that matter was settled it was handed over to Nicolas Fouquet - until his disgrace - and then to the Duc de Lauzun.

Louis XV had no real admiration for the château either and gladly bestowed it on his minister, the Duc de Choiseul. Sadly, most of the original castle were destroyed during the First Empire.


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