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House of Broglie

Area of Origin: Piedmont

The House of Broglie was established in France since 1643 when they moved from their original Italy to France.

Upon the family's removal to France the head of the family, François-Marie de Broglie (who already held the title of Comte) decided to join the French army. He was successful and was eventually made lieutenant general - a title which he bore to his death in 1656.
François-Marie's son and heir, Victor-Maurice, followed his father's footsteps and was fortunate enough to serve under some of the most famous military leaders in French history including Turenne and Condé. He, also, made his way up the ladder being first made aid-de-camp in 1676, then lieutenant general like his father in 1688 and finally reached the top as a Marshal of France in 1724.

Despite both François-Marie and Victor-Maurice's remarkably successful military careers the family would still have to wait until 1742 until becoming elevated to the rank of Ducs. The title of Prince of the Holy Roman Empire was added by the Holy Emperor Francis I in 1759 which meant that all younger members of the family were addressed as "Prince".

Blason de Broglie
The Family Crest

Francois-Marie, who was head of the family when they moved to France

Victor-François de Broglie.jpg
Victor-Francois, who was granted the title of Duc

The Family Estates:

Château de Broglie
Now converted into a hotel but the castle is still in the family's possession

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