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The Royal Households

The most distinguished members of the royal family were entitled to a personal household; these would count several hundred people with the king's being the largest. Here you will find the people who occupied the positions closest to the royal family.

Billedresultat for marie antoinette
Marie Antoinette at her harp

Structure of the households

The structure and positions within each royal household. Since I have focused on the king's and queen's households under another page, this is for the remaining royal family. 

Household of the Grand Dauphin

Members of the households

The individual members serving in the royal household from either a given year or collectively throughout the reigns of Louis XIV, XV and XVI.

The King's Service

Grand Officers of the Crown

The Dauphin's Service

The Queen's Service

Marie Thérèse's Ladies

Royal Children's Service

Royal Family's Service

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