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Marie-Thérèse's Ladies

Louis XIV's consort, Marie-Thérèse, was queen of France from her marriage in 1660 until her death in 1683. During this period she - like her predecessors - was served by a group of ladies. Some inherited their positions while others were appointed by the king - in some cases against the queen's will.

The list is arranged alphabetically according to name.

Anne de Rohan-Chabot, Princesse de Soubise
1674-?: dame du palais
Married to Francois de Rohan

She was a mistress of Louis XIV; two of her children were rumoured to have been fathered by the king rather than by the Prince de Soubise. Their affair ended in 1675

Princesse de Soubise

Anne of Gonzaga, Duchesse de Clèves
1660-61: superintendent
Married to (I) Henri de Lorraine, Duc de Guise, (II) Edward of Bavaria

Duchesse de Clèves

Anne Poussard de Fors du Vigean, Duchesse de Richelieu
1671: dame d'honneur
Married to (I) Francois-Alexandre d'Albret, (II) Duc de Richelieu

Later, she was transferred to the household of the Grande Dauphine

Anne-Armande de Saint-Gelais de Lansac, Duchesse de Créquy
1680-83: dame d'honneur
Married to Charles de Blanchefort-Créquy

She left court when her husband died in 1687; they were later buried together

Anne-Marie de Beauvilliers, Comtesse de Bétonne
1660-83: dame d'atours
Married to Hippolyte de Béthune

Francoise Athénais de Rochechouart de Mortemart, Marquise de Montespan
1679-: superintendent
Married to Louis Henri de Pardaillan de Gondri

Her appointment had come at some cost; originally, the king had wanted to give the post to her earlier but it was already occupied by the Comtesse de Soissons. Eventually, the Comtesse was ordered to retire and Madame de Montespan took her place - to the chagrin of the queen.

Madame de Montespan

Francoise de Brancas, Princesse d'Harcourt
1667-83: dame du palais
Married to Alphonse-Henri de Lorraine

Princesse d'Harcourt

Elizabeth Hamilton, Comtesse de Gramont
1667-?: dame du palais
Married to Philibert de Gramont

In either 1677 or 1678 she would become a mistress to the king

Comtesse de Gramont

Francoise-Madeleine-Claude de Warignies, Comtesse de Saint-Géran
1683: dame du palais
Married to Bernard de la Guiche

Julie d'Angennes, Duchesse de Montausier
1664: dame d'honneur
Married to Charles de Sainte-Maure

She was also made Governess to the Children of France

Duchesse de Montausier

Louise Antoinette Thérèse de la Châtre, Duchesse d'Humières
Dame du palais
Married to Louis de Crevant

Duchesse d'Humières

Louise Boyer, Duchesse de Noailles
1674-?: dame du palais
Married to Anne de Noailles

She had previously been dame d'atours to Anne of Austria

Duchesse de Noailles

Louise de La Vallière, Marquise de La Vallière
Never married

First official favourite of Louis XIV; she had originally been in the service of Elizabeth Charlotte, Duchesse d'Orléans

Madame de La Vallière

Marie d'Albret
Pre-1679-?: dame du palais
Married to Charles-Amanieu d'Albret

Marie-Louise-Antoinette d'Albert de Luxembourg, Princesse de Tingry
1679-1683: dame du palais

Olympe Mancini, Comtesse de Soissons
1663-1674: superintendent

Exiled in 1679 following the Affair of the Poisons; she had also been the mistress of Louis XIV whom she allegedly threatened when he lost interest

Comtesse de Soissons

Suzanne de Baudéan de Neuillant de Parabère, Duchesse de Navailles
1660-64: dame d'honneur
Married to Philippe de Montaut-Bénac

She was forced to resign when she fell into disgrace and was exiled from court

Duchesse de Navailles

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