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Marie Adélaide's Ladies

Marie Adelaide played an important role at court since she arrived in the 1690's. From the moment the married she occupied a place in the king's heart and soon found herself first-lady in France. Consequently, she was allotted a personal household with its share of ladies.

Anne-Marie-Francoise de Sainte-Hermine, Comtesse de Mailly
1696-1712: dame d'atours 
Married to Louis de Mailly

When she retired in 1731 she had plenty of experience as dame d'atours; she had performed the office for the Duchesse de Chartres, the Duchesse de Bourgogne and Marie Leszczynska.

Catherine-Francoise d'Arpajon, Comtesse de Roucy
Married to Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Louise Sublet, Marquise de Montgon
1696-1707: dame du palais
Married to Jean-Francois Cordeboeuf de Beauverger

Marguerite Louise Susanne de Béthune, Duchesse du Lude
1696-1712: dame d'honneur
Married to (I) Armand de Gramont, (II) Henri de Daillon, Duc du Lude

When Marie Adélaide was still too young to live with her husband she dined alone with the Duchesse du Lude

Marguerite while still Comtesse de Guiche
(first marriage)
The Duchesse du Lude serving the
Duchesse de Bourgogne

Marie Anne de La Vergne de Guilleragues, "Marquise d'O"
1696-1712: dame du palais
Married to Gabriel Claude de Villers

She was also a friend of Madame (Elizabeth-Charlotte d'Orléans)

Marie Madeleine Agnès de Gontaut Biron, Marquise de Nogaret
1696-1711: dame du palais
Married to Louis de Lout de Calvisson de Nogaret

Became mistress of Louis XIV at some point between 1680-83 but never gained any particular influence

Sophia Marie Wilhelmina von Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rochefort, Duchesse de Dangeau1696-1712: dame du palais
Married to Philippe de Courcillon de Dangeau

Thérèse-Marie de Bellefonds, Marquise du Châtelet
1696-1712: dame du palais
Married to Antoine-Charles du Châtelet

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