Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Royal Collections

Besides the furniture and trinkets used to adorn their homes, it was common for art-lovers - with a fortune to spend - to create large collections of objets d'art or "art objects". Also, the so-called "curiosities" were popular; they constituted of objects with a unique feature (for example a one-of-a-kind locking-mechanism) or scientific elements. The latter were especially popular with Louis XV and Louis XVI who both had a great passion for natural science.

Check out the collections of royals and nobility (with as many photos as possible):

Sèvres Collections

Thanks to Madame de Pompadour the factory of Sèvres became a royal favourite and supplier in 1753 and continued to supply the royal family with porcelain until the time when the revolution broke out.

Of course, porcelain had been popular with the courts of Europe for centuries before this time. Naturally, this means that over time each member of the royal family had a considerable collection of porcelain (both Sèvres and not) - often the design is a great indicator of the owner's personal style.

Diplomatic Gifts

"From France with Love"
Diplomatic gifts from the French royal family

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