Monday, 15 September 2014

Gallery: Door-Handles

Large interior Secretary Office of the Queen (golden cabinet)
Handle (reuse of the decor of Marie Lescszinska): mid 18th century
  (C) RMN (Château de Versailles) / Gérard Blot
The Queen's Golden Cabinet

Bronze doré door handle with anthemion motif ~ Chateau de Versailles

Hall of Mirrors

Poignée de fenêtre dorée

Detail of the locks on the doors  The Apollo Drawing Room in the Palace of Versailles
The Apollo Salon

The chapel

At the Petit Trianon

Louis XV's antechamber

Door-knob also found at Petit Trianon
From Petit Trianon (the key-hole can be hidden if you push the ornament to the right!)

The Main gate

The Main gate

And finally:

Versailles, through the keyhole
A peep at the palace through the key-hole of the main gate

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