Sunday, 7 September 2014

Don't Forget the Bonuses!

Everywhere on this blog you will find links under the title of BONUS but just in case you do not feel like searching through the entire blog to find them, here they are. They each contain a little extra piece of history that I think would be a shame to omit but is not big enough a topic to have it's own front-page link. Hopefully, you will find something you have not noticed before!

Full-names of each and every man who held a post within the King's household in 1775 with their individual wages

Each leading post had their own, special coat-of-arms

Detailed floor-plans of the development of the King's and Queen's apartments from 1673-1735

From 1735-1789

Gallery of the door-handles

Diagram of main title holders
Who possessed the titles of King, Dauphin, Dauphine and Monsieur

The Peerages as of 1789
List of the 60 most powerful men in France and their titles

Your Royal Library
A thorough list of books

The royal family 1643-1715
Names, titles and relations

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