Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Queen's Hamlet

In 1783 Marie Antoinette ordered the construction of her personal hamlet where she would indulge in "rural" activities with her friends. Richard Mique designed the little hamlet with the assistance of Hubert Robert. The result was a little hamlet resembling a little Norman village complete with a working farm housing cows, pigs and chicken which provided the Queen with milk and cheese. Besides the farmhouse there was a dairy, a barn (burnt down during the revolution), a dovecote, a mill, a small house called the boudoir, a tower and a little house known as "the Queen's House". All the animals housed here were imported from Switzerland.

Note: the farm was placed somewhat outside the rest of the hamlet so it is not featured on the layout below.

Here is an aerial view of the hamlet to give you a clear idea of the layout:

1) The Dairy and the Marlborough Tower
2) The Guard's House
3) The Dovecote
4) Billiard Room
5) The Warming Room
6) The Queen's House
7) The Boudoir
8) The Mill

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