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Louise de Lorraine, Duchesse de Bouillon

Born Louise Henriette Gabrielle de Lorraine on 30 December 1718, Louise was a Princesse by birth as the daughter of the Prince de Mortagne.
Not a lot is known of her childhood except that she was the second child born to Charles Louis de Lorraine and Élisabeth de Roquelaure.

Louise de Lorraine, princesse de Turenne par Nattier.jpgAs all Princesses must Louise was expected to make a great match. Her husband came in the shape of the sole heir of Charles Godefroy de La Tour d'Auvergne: Godefroy de La Tour d'Auvergne (yes, named almost exactly after his father). This match was different from the majority of matches between nobles because the bride was older than the groom - 9 years to be exact. They were married on 27 November 1743.
Following her marriage Louise was known as the Princesse de Turenne, who would become the Duchesse de Bouillon when her father-in-law died.

The union produced a total of four children of which two survived - sadly the House of La Tour d'Auvergne went extinct with her eldest son, since he never had children. In 1771 Louise became the Duchesse de Bouillon which entitled her to some of the most coveted privileges at court, including a tabouret in presence of the monarchs.

Louise died on the night between 4-5 September 1788 in the Hôtel of her family in Paris.

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