Monday, 27 July 2015

House of d'Albert de Luynes

Originally from Italy, the family were forced to remove to France during the 14th century due to unrest in their native Florence.

In 1415 the family was finally acknowledged as a part of the French nobility when Thomas Alberti - or d'Albert as they were known in France - purchased the Luynes. They further cemented their place in the aristocracy when Honoré d'Albert de Luynes fought on the side of Henry IV which meant that a lasting connection with loyalty to the Crown was established.

From there on, the family moved easily in the highest circles in the land. Charles Albert became a favourite of Louis XIII and has been rumoured to have been his lover. His brother married a noblewoman and was created Duc de Chaulnes - finally removing any shred of a doubt of the family's belonging to the nobility. Their last brother also became a Duc through his marriage to the Duchesse de Piney.

The branch of Piney-Luxembourg died out in 1697.

Armes de la famille.

Related titles:
Duc de Luynes - held by the head of the house
Duc de Chevreuse - held by the eldest son and heir
Duc de Chaulnes - courtesy title of the second son

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