Thursday, 30 July 2015

Louis Auguste II de Bourbon, Prince de Dombes

Louis-Auguste II de Bourbon, prince de Dombes.jpgBorn on 4 March 1700, Louis Auguste was named after his father and was the grandson of Louis XIV - legitimised that is.
It quickly became obvious that Louis Auguste had a knack for military exploits which his father had never had. Serving under Prince Eugene of Savoy, Louis Auguste distinguished himself in the Austro-Turkish Wars, the War of the Polish Succession and the War of the Austrian Succession.

Ever since his father died in 1736, Louis Auguste inherited the majority of wealth and titles of his father's. From then on he received several other titles including that of Comte d'Eu, Prince d'Anet, Comte de Dreux and Colonel General of the Swiss Guards.

Despite his apparent success Louis Auguste spent little time at court and preferred to live in his private Château d'Anet. Here he was free to indulge in his favourite pastimes of hunting and gardening - in order to be able to create the garden that he wanted, he invented a hydraulic system that could transport water around the flower beds.

Louis Auguste never married and never had any children which meant that his brother stood to inherit everything he left behind. That became just the case when Louis Auguste died on 1 October 1755 in a duel at the royal residence of Fontainebleau.

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