Thursday, 30 July 2015

House of Beauvilliers

The founder of the House of Beauvilliers is assumed to be Herbert-Émussent de Beauvilliers and the first mention is about 1115. The eldest branch pretty much merged with the House of Chartres which was the neighbour of the Beauvilliers.

In 1496 the House of Beauvilliers added the Barony of Saint-Aignan through the marriage of Mery de Beauvilliers and Louise de Husson. In 1663 Saint-Aignan was raised to a duchy; from then on head of the family went by the title of the Duc de Saint-Aignan.

The family title died out in 1828.

Titles held by the House of Beauvilliers:
Duc de Beauvilliers
Duc de Saint-Aignan
Baron de La Ferté-Hubert
Comte de Montrésor

Armes de la famille.

Châteaux of the family:
Château du Lude
Château de Chaumont-de-Loire

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