Monday, 17 June 2013

Louise Élisabeth and Philippe Charles

This affair is one of those that not much is known of but I chose to post it anyway.
Louise Élisabeth de Conti (Bourbon by birth) had been married off to her first cousin Louis Armand, Prince de Conti but engaged in a liaison with Philippe Charles de La Fare, Marquis de La Fare.
Philippe Charles was reported to be handsome while Louise's husband was known to be awfully unattractive - perhaps this triggered the affair? One thing that can be said with certainty is that Louise Élisabeth had had other lovers than Philippe Charles.

Philippe Charles - he does
not seem as handsome as
rumoured to be 
The affair was well-known at the ever-curious court but when Louise Élisabeth's husband found out, he reacted violently in such a manner that a doctor had to be called at least twice. Whether Louise's affair with Philippe Charles continued hereafter is unknown but after that episode with Louis Armand it is unlikely.

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