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Fashion Gallery: Sleeveless Waistcoats (1750-89)

Also known as gilets.

White & Ivory

Ivory silk waistcoat with colourful embroideries of plants and butterflies, 1780's 

Waistcoat  1780s  The Metropolitan Museum of Art  “Waistcoats of the 18th and 19th centuries served as a layer protection and ornamentation during a period in fashion when the coat was intended to be left open in the front. The color was often chosen to complement the suit and covered in imaginative embroideries, heavily woven patterns or shiny satins made to draw the eye. The style of the neck, the length and the hem treatment fluctuated as the tastes changed from over-sized coats of the ea...

French taffeta silk waistcoat, 1775-80

Vest, 1775-1780, France, Taffeta, silk embroidery, cotton lining and silk taffeta. ©Photo Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris / Jean Tholance

French silk waistcoat with green embroideries, 1785

1785, France, Arts décoratifs, Paris

Cream waistcoat with floral embroideries, 1770

Waistcoat, c. 1770. Ivory faille having allover polychrome embroidered flowers and vines, embroidered buttons, shaped pocket flaps and hems trimmed with silk covered sequins, brown linen back with waist adjustment and linen lining.

French brocaded waistcoat, c. 1760's

Man's brocaded waistcoat, French, ca. 1760s, KSUM 1995.17.184.


Norwegian waistcoat of yellow silk with colourful embroideries, 1760-80 

French or English silk waistcoat, 1780

Man's Waistcoat  Made in England  or France  1780s  Artist/maker unknown, English or French  Silk faille with supplementary metallic wefts; silk embroidery in satin and stem stitches and couched metal-wrapped threads; metallic purls and sequins; cotton plain weave  Center Back Length: 17 1/2 inches (44.5 cm) Waist: 38 inches (96.5 cm)


French taffeta silk waistcoat with silk embroideries, 1760-70
Waistcoat, France, 1760-1770. Salmon silk taffeta richly embroidered with large stylised flowers and leaves in coloured silk and metal threads of several textures.


Norwegian waistcoat of red silk with gold silk embroideries, 1750-70

German silk, cotton and linen waistcoat with golden embroideries, 1750

Sleeveless Waistcoat (Rear), 1750, Germany, Cotton, linen, silk.  Front: silk, red, brown, orange, satin weave; Back: linen, red; plain weave lining. Embroidery: metallic thread, gold, silk, yellow. GERMANISCHES NATIONALMUSEUM | NürnbergSleeveless Waistcoat, 1750, Germany, Cotton, linen, silk.  Front: silk, red, brown, orange, satin weave; Back: linen, red; plain weave lining. Embroidery: metallic thread, gold, silk, yellow. GERMANISCHES NATIONALMUSEUM | Nürnberg

French silk waistcoat with embroideries of small flowers in yellow, blue and white, 1770-75

Waistcoat, France, 1770-1775. Red coloured silk droguet with small floral sprays in white, yellow and blue.


Silk waistcoat, c. 1770

A gentleman's brocaded silk waistcoat, circa 1770. formed from joined panels of pink silk woven with stripes and flower sprays, plain linen backing, chest 92cm, 36in.

French waistcoat, 1750's

Man’s Waistcoat, France, c. 1750 LACMA download .pdf PATTERN:

French silk velvet waistcoat with chenille embroideries (it might have been red once rather than pink), 1785-90

Waistcoat, France, 1785-1790. Cream and red striped silk velvet with silk chenille embroidered couching, silver thread, and silver sequins: white cotton flannel lining.

Bright pink silk waistcoat with cream-coloured embroideries, c. 1760 

Man's waistcoat


Possibly Spanish waistcoat of pale turquoise silk with floral embroideries, 1750-60

Waistcoat, part of a 3-piece suit, 1750-1760. Pale turquoise silk brocaded with floral motifs.

French waistcoat of woven silk embroidered with polychrome flowers, 1760-75

Waistcoat, France, 1760-1775. Blue patterned weave silk, delicately embroidered with a polychrome silk floral, silk and linen lining.


French green waistcoat with golden embroideries, c. 1770

Waistcoat, France, 1770. Greer figured silk with floral gilt embroidery.

French waistcoat of woven silk with silver thread, 1770-79

1770-1779, France - Waistcoat - Woven silk with silver thread, enamelling, silver purl & spangles, silk thread; hand-sewn and hand-embroidered

English silk waistcoat with silk embroideries, 1755-65

Waistcoat, 1755-1765, England, silk and silver thread woven spot and brocaded silver sprig. Floral border brocaded in silver and silk in shades of pink, mauve and green; back green glazed woollen satin; back and front to waist lined white cotton and linen; front edges and skirt lined cream wool fronts fastening with twelve silver thread covered buttons and buttonholes from round neck to waist seam; pocket at waist seam each side, white cotton and linen. | Collection - Manchester Art Gallery

Very pale green waistcoat which formed part of a gentleman's suit at the court of Louis XVI

Waistcoat of a court suit, France, Louis XVI. Silk brocade woven in light green, cream and silver lamé, embroidered with garlands of flowers along the edges and pocket flaps, embroidered buttons.

Olive green silk waistcoat with cream-coloured embroideries, 1787 

Waistcoat, 1787. Green silk satin embroidered with floral motifs and figurative scenes in beige tones.


French silk and velvet waistcoat, 1750-70

Waistcoat, France, 1750-1770. Brown cut and voided silk velvet (ciselé) with metallic thread embroidery along the edges in a floral design.

Silk waistcoat with flower garlands, 1750-77

Waistcoat, 1750-1775. Brown silk satin with polychrome silk tambour embroidery with allob´ver tiny posies and flowers.


British silk and linen waistcoat with embroideries of metal thread, 1750

1750. British. silk, metal, linen. metmuseum Lien vers un article sur les vestes et gilets.

German waistcoat of silk and embroideries done in metallic thread, 1760

Sleeveless Waistcoat, 1760, Germany, gray-green silk, gold and silver metallic thread, lining:  gray-green silk, linen / cotton. GERMANISCHES NATIONALMUSEUM

Rather modest French silk waistcoat, 1750

1750 French Waistcoat at the Musée de la Mode et du Textile, Paris

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