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Fashion Gallery: Boys' Clothing

Until the age of 7 years boys and girls would be dressed in the same types of clothing: robes, jackets and the like. When the boys of the upper classes then reached their 7th year they would be handed over "to the company of men" and would be dressed as their fathers.


Silk with a blue fleur-de-lis for an infant boy, 1740-70

Infant's jacket, probably for a boy, 1740-1770. White silk satin brocaded with red and blue flowers, trimmed with silk ribbon, white linen lining.


Spanish coat of silk with metal thread, 1784-85

Boy's Coat, 1784-85, Spanish, silk, metal. (c) Metropolitan Museum of Art


British military-style suit of silk, 1760

Back view, boy's suit, England c. 1760 (made). Cream coloured silk and cotton blend, patterned with cherry red stripes.

Red & Orange

Danish livery coat for a boy of 4-6 years, 1740

Young boy's short coat, from around 1740. This is what boys aged 4-5 would wear before they were breeched.

Silk coat for a pre-teen boy, 1730's

Child's coat, 1730


Danish suit of blue silk for a young boy, 1780's

Drengetøj i blå silke med lange bukser, 1780'erne


Norwegian silk and wool coat with robe, 1763

Boy's (?) coat, Norway, c. 1763. Hand woven wool, silk and linen fabrics, plain weave, with silk embroidery.

Three-piece suit of green silk, 1760-75

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : Boy's Three Piece Suit: Coat, Waistcoat and Breeches c. 1760-1775


Beige silk coat, 1770

A rare snuff-brown silk boy's coat, circa 1770, - by Kerry Taylor AuctionsA rare snuff-brown silk boy's coat, circa 1770, - by Kerry Taylor Auctions

Italian banyan, c. 1770

Boy's Banyan  Italy, circa 1770, probably earlier  Costumes  Silk  Center back length: 38 1/2 in. (97.79 cm)  Purchased with funds provided by Suzanne A. Saperstein and Michael and Ellen Michelson, with additional funding from the Costume Council, the Edgerton Foundation, Gail and Gerald Oppenheimer, Maureen H. Shapiro, Grace Tsao, and Lenore and Richard Wayne (M.2007.211.977)

Coat of silk, 1760-70

Boy’s coat, 1760-1775. White silk, woven with fine floral and foliate motifs in purple and green.

Danish silk coat with red accents, 1786-87

Brunrød silkekjol til en dreng, 1786-1787

Dutch silk suit, 1775-1800

Boy's skeleton-suit, 1775-1800. Pale green, cream and blue striped silk, lined with linen.Back view, boy's skeleton-suit, 1775-1800. Pale green, cream and blue striped silk, lined with linen.

French boy's robe, 1750

Boy’s robe, ca 1750 France, the Victoria & Albert Museum    This boy’s robe dates from a era when young boys in Europe wore garments with skirts, a custom with unclear origins, but which most likely had to do with making it easier for them to urinate. The style was common until about 1920. A boy usually received his first breeches or trousers between four and seven years of age, sometimes in a special ceremony held by the family.

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