Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Fashion Galleries: Panniers

Since panniers were rarely made in particularly fancy colours, this fashion gallery is simply showing different, surviving panniers of the 18th century.

French panniers, 1775-80

Paniers à charnières, France, vers 1775-1780  Acier gainé de cuir, ruban en toile de lin rayée

Swedish side-hoops, 1750-90

Pocher Historik: Användning: 1750 - 1790 (uppskattning)

Pannier from 1750

Met Museum

Italian panniers, 18th century

Date: 18th century Culture: Italian Medium: linen

German grand panniers, 1760

um 1760

British pannier with silk ribbon, 1760-80

English pannier with corset, 1750-80

German pannier covered in blue linen, 1760

Grand panier, c. 1760. Blue linen, boning.

English pannier, 1765-75

"c1765-75 | Manchester Galleries | Accession: 1953.71/3 | Made from cane hoops, covered in linen, sewn into linen petticoat. Open down back with a drawstring at the waist. Top hoop shaped to slight V at centre front. Four strips of padding over each hip above first hoop. Linen tape ties at back level with top and middle hoops. Back and side fronts of middle and bottom hoops connected with linen tape braces inside. | Dimensions: Length (height) 66 cm, circumference (bottom hoops) (width) 184....

English pannier of whalebone and linen, 1750
Hoop petticoat in linen, plain weave, whalebone, England, around 1750. This huge, oval-shaped hoop petticoat formed an ideal support for the broad skirts of the “robe à la française”, or “sack-back gowns”.   #SPK_Curation   Collection Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin. ©Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Photo: Stephan Klonk

Yet another example from England; this one of baleen and linen, 1750

Panniers c, 1750 british tan linen and baleen

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