Friday, 26 July 2013

The Polish Queen Arrives

Karine Pinoteau wore this gown in "the Palace of Pleasure) - a BBC documentary - when Marie Leszczynska arrived at Versailles. The blue fabric has a pattern that resembles flower leaves a bit and in a slightly brighter tone. The corset ends in a pointed tip at the centre of the bodice which is actually historically correct (what else can you expect from BBC?). Many corsets from this time period where rather short but had a remarkably long pointed tip. Also the bodice is divided into three different "sections" whereas the middle one is the focus of the entire outfit.
The bodice has also been decorated with artificial white flowers and dark green leaves surrounding some kind of pendant that seems to be encrusted with diamonds. White lace can just been seen at the edge of the sleeves, peeping out from underneath the cape.

The cape itself is not completely white but closer to a wool colour. The upper part of the voluminous cape has a pleaded edge - it is actually the hood of the cape. Talk about a large hood!

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