Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Grand Apartments of the Sovereigns

Just as the King was the centre of his court so is the Grand Apartments the centre of Fontainebleau. The apartments are located around the courtyard le Cour Ovale. Louis XV had the King's apartments rebuild  in what used to be the chamber of the Duchesse d'Etamps; he had the architect Gabriel build the magnificent staircase which linked the King's new apartment to the following chambers and salons.
The Queen's apartments faces what is known as the Jardin de Diane but used to be the Queen's personal garden. The main décor is from the 17th century. Louis XVI's inner chamber would become a part of the Grand Apartments when the revolution broke out.

The Queen's Ceremonial Bedchamber is a part of these apartments as well but Marie Antoinette never actually slept in the giant gilded bed. The décor of this room is almost confusing to the eye because of the dominant and different patterns. The overall décor varies a lot. One of the rooms have almost completely bare panels while another is richly adorned with red damask-patterned fabric. Yet another one is covered in large tapestries. Honestly, it is easier to present you with photos than to describe it to you, so here you are:

The Queen's Ceremonial Bedchamber

These are from the château's web-site:

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