Friday, 13 June 2014

Château de Maisons

Also known as the Château de Maisons-Lafitte the château was designed by Mansart between 1630-51. The head of the Longueil-family (Rene) spent the fortune his wife brought with her into their marriage to built this splendid family seat and was duly rewarded with a royal visit by Louis XIV himself in the spring of 1641: the King had no doubt heard the rumours of the outstanding beauty of Mansart's new creation.The Comte d'Artois purchased it in 1777 but before that the château had passed on to the family members of Rene de Longueil including the Marquise de Belleforière and the Marquis de Soyécourt. When the Comte bought it he immediately set his own private interior architect at work but we know from records kept at the time that all work ceased in 1782 when the Comte could no longer afford to make any changes.

The château is decorated as to illustrate the development of style through the various owners:

Ground floor:

Green Section - Apartments of Comte d'Artois
Orange - Vestibule of Honour

First Floor:

Yellow Section - Italian Apartments
Pink Section - Apartments of Marèchal Lannes

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