Saturday, 14 June 2014

South Wing (Ground Floor)

The South Wing is also known as the Wing of the Princes due to the fact that the brothers (as well as princes of the blood) of the King would reside here with their wives. Sadly, most of these apartments has been completely changed ever since Versailles became the main location of the Parliament which means that hardly anything of the original décor remains. If I happen to come across the rooms with specific photos I will update this page in the same style as the other sections but it seems unlikely.

This is how the South Wing looked like in 1732 - notice that this is before the Hall of Congress was constructed which did not happen until 1815 and would replace the main staircase:

Today this is how the floor looks - including the massive Hall of Congress:

For anyone who has an interest in how the family and friends of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI lived until they were forced to leave in 1789, here is a view of their apartments. Notice the little changes made since the floor plan from 1732.

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