Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Fashion Gallery: Suits (Yellow & Orange)


Velvet suit, 1785

Circa 1785 Man's Suit | LACMA CollectionsVelvet Trimmed Wool Suit, ca. 1785



Spanish, 1785-1800

Ensemble (image 1) | Spain | 1785-1800 | silk | Textilteca CDMT | Museum #: 11635


Velvet suit, 1770-90

Orange uncut figured velvet. Coat: short stand-up collar with lace ruffle, round cuffs, buttons covered with silver and gilt-silver wire, sequins, red colored decorations and gilt-silver textured foil, white silk lining. Waistcoat: single breasted, red silk buttonholes. Breeches: button-down front, fob and two flapped side pockets, gilt-silver embroidered white silk knee bands, buttons like coat, white cotton lining.Suit 1770-1790 The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Satin suit, 1770's

3-piece suit, 18th century. Toffee-coloured silk satin, embroidered in polychrome silks and silver metal threads, with flat self-fabric covered buttons.

Missing the breeches but too fabulous not to include, 1750's

I would love to meet the gentleman who wore this spangled orange moiré suit. Circa 1750s, via

Spanish, 1780
Relateret billede

French, 1765

Unknown origin, 1760's

Gentleman's peach silk moiré faille suit with embroidered and spangled buttons and silver trim,1760s.

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