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Fashion Gallery: Suits (Green & Blue)


British, 1770's

Formal suit, 1770’s England, Royal Ontario Museum

Italian (possibly from Venice), 1785-90

Man's Three-piece Suit  worn with matching vest, Italy, probably Venice, circa 1785-1790, LACMA

Lime suit, 1780's

German, 1780's

French, 1760-80

This suit, known as a ditto suit, was worn by men in the in the 18th century. When the waist coat, jacket, and breeches are all made out of the same material it is referred to as a ditto suit.

French, 1760

 LACMA Collections Man's Suit France, circa 1760, Coat and waistcoat: wool plain weave, full finish, with sequins and metallic-thread embroidered appliqués; breeches: wool plain weave, full finish, with silk and metallic-thread passementerie


French silk suit, 1760

Back view, 3-piece court suit, France, c. 1760. Blue silk faille, moiré finish, with sequins and silver metallic-thread embroidery.So gorgeous. I adore men’s fashion from this time. omgthatdress:  Suit ca. 1760 via The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Italian taffeta suit, possibly from Parma

3-piece suit, Italy, late 18th century. Dark turquoise silk taffeta, embroidered with floral motifs in silver thread, sequins, foil in green and red; waistcoat: ivory silk taffeta with similar embroidery.

French, pastel blue silk, 1765

Three-piece Suit France, circa 1765 Costumes; principal attire (entire body) Silk plain weave (faille) with metallic-thread passementerieI like the look of this


Museo del Traje, Madrid

French velvet suit, 1740's

Left: C.I.61.34a, b; Right: C.I.62.27a–c

Left: C.I.61.34a, b; Right: C.I.62.27a–c

English, 1760

1760 Angleterre

Possibly Norwegian, 1780

Suit 1780s Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst, Arketektur, og Design


1750's Set of three pieces, coat, waistcoat and breeches. Jacket and pants with…

English (very similar to the Norwegian one), 1780

Suit | British | The Metropolitan Museum of Art Accession Number: 1972.85.1a–Suit  Date: ca. 1780 Culture: British Medium: wool

English, 1760's

Suit  1760s  The Victoria & Albert Museum

Hungarian, 1770-80

Source: Museum of Applied Arts Approximate year: 1770 - 1780 This is an example of queer fashion in the 18th century due to the fur lining of the tailcoat. Also how shined the boots are.

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