Saturday, 14 April 2018

Quotes: Reign of Louis XV

Since correct quotations are always somewhat obscure feel free to comment if you have heard that a certain quote has been attributed to someone else.

"You see what a victory costs. The blood of our enemies is still the blood of men. The true glory is to spare it."
Louis XV to Louis Ferdinand following the Battle of Fontenoy

"The king loves women, and yet there is absolutely no gallantry in his spirit"
Duc de Luynes

"It seems extraordinary that the eldest daughter of France should not be marrying a crowned head"
Barbier (on the marriage of Louise Élisabeth to the Duke of Parma)

"Madame, I am delighted that the first favour you should ask of me should be an act of mercy"
Louis XV to Madame du Barry

"He could not make a prince du sang without me; but I could make one without him"
Louise Élisabeth de Bourbon, Princesse de Conti (on her husband) 

"If he lives, he must marry"

Louis IV Henri de Bourbon-Condé (on the near-fatal illness of Louis XV in 1725)

"There are many people at Versailles today"
Marie Antoinette to Madame du Barry

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