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Court Artefacts: Books

Most members of the aristocracy had libraries of their own and their books were recognizable by the owner's coat-of-arms.

This book, published in Paris, 1658, is a volume originally written by Julius Caesar describing his military campaigns. This is the 3rd French edition, revised and corrected. Because it bears the royal arms of King Louis XIV, it either belonged to the King and is therefore from the royal library, or was a presentation volume given by the King to a courtier.

Printed in 1658 this version of Julius Caesar's military  campaigns belonged to Louis XIV

Billedresultat for elisabeth charlotte de bavière

A book from 1672 with the arms of Elizabeth-Charlotte of the Palatinate

The Chronological History of Rome with the arms of the Grand Dauphin

This seventh volume of the history of Rome bears the arms of the Grand Dauphin

Book, French, Paris, 1728, bearing armorial crest of the Dauphin of France, son of King Louis XV and heir to the French throne, Office de la Semaine Sainte

Printed in 1728 in Paris this bound volume was in the library of Louis Ferdinand, son of Louis XV and Marie Leszczynska

Padeloup plaque

Another volume from 1728 which was the property of Marie Leszczynska. The title is  Office de La Semaine Sainte.

A French binding for Anne of Austria, wife of Louis XIII. Author: Catholic Church. Title: L'office de la Semaine saincte. Published: Paris: G. Clopeiau, 1627..large.jpg (1470×2231)

This happens to be the same story as the one above - only this one was made in 1627 and belonged to Anne of Austria.

Book belonging to Louis Ferdinand with an inscription for his son, the future Louis XVI

Louis Ferdinand owned this book and wrote an inscription for his son - the future Louis XVI - in it

Six volumes bearing the arms of Marie Josèphe. This is a series with the name "La Christiade"

A red book bound in Moroccan leather with the arms of Madame de Pompadour. Her extensive collection of over 3000 volumes were primarily bound in this type of leather.

Four books also bound in red Moroccan leather - this time belonging to Marie Antoinette. The ones in the photo are: L'office de La Sermaine Sainte (again!), Les Plaideurs, Officium Parvum B. Maria Virginis and Histoire des Celtes.
They were sold at auction.

Two volumes of “Letters of Pliny the Younger,” bound with the arms of Madame Elisabeth of France

Madame Élisabeth owned these two volumes of Pliny the Younger bound in yellow leather.

Memoirs of the Comte de Gramont with the arms of the Comte d'Artois

The memoirs of the Duc de Gramont with the arms of the Comte d'Artois.

Books on famous people from the Roman antiquity bearing the arms of the Comtesse de Provence

The Comtesse de Provence was the proud owner of this series which focus on famous people of the Antiquity.

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