Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Private Apartments of the Dauphin & Dauphine

1) Hallway
This hallway connects the apartments of the Dauphin and his wife. This arrangement offered them some privacy; rather than having to go through the always crowded halls they could visit each other via this passage way.

2) The Dauphin's Toilet
Given the function this chamber did not need to be very large and could be sparsely decorated. 

3) Wardrobe
The garderobe - or wardrobe - had the same purpose then as it does now. Although rather than referring to a piece of furniture the term then referred to the room itself; the Dauphin's clothing would be stored here.

4) The Dauphin's Bath
The Dauphin was one of the many people at Versailles who had a bathroom as a part of his private apartments. Actually, this bathroom is located behind the private apartments of the Dauphin which suggests that the room served a very private purpose - even at Versailles. The floor is tiled with changing white square tiles and black diamond shapes (this type of floor is found at most of the bathrooms). Two small holes in the niche indicates that a bathtub has been installed here earlier. The walls are bare and coloured in a cream and slightly creamy beige.

5) Hallway
The hallway connects the Dauphin's apartment with the Marble Vestibule and the Queen's rooms on the ground floor.

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