Thursday, 9 February 2017

Robe à la Circassienne

A robe à la Circassienne was a variation of the robe à la Polonaise only it was adorned with so-called Oriental tassels or fur. Another difference was that the robe à la Circassienne had small "over-sleeves" which was inspired by the fashions of the Middle East. These over-sleeves were normally shaped like a funnel and overlapped tight-fitting long - or three-quarter length - sleeves. The long sleeves would often end in cuffs; the skirt would often be fitted with frills

The style seems to have become popular in the 1770's and would remain in style till the revolution. In France the style would continue to be puffed up whereas the English version would eventually become less full in the back. The bodice of this type of robe was often very low

Comtesse de Vauban wearing a robe à la
Circassienne, 1776

Robe circassienne :1780
Robe à la Circassienne, 1780
This is a proper robe à la Circassienne with tassels,
frills and the over-sleeves


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