Friday, 16 January 2015

Vocabulary: Hats & Hairdresses

Either a bejewelled ornament or a set of feathers which would be attached to a hat or the hair itself.

This lady is wearing an aigrette

Large straw hat with a wide brim. The crown would be decorated with a ribbon.

Used for outdoor wear. Was also made of straw.

Generally referring to any small head-covering.

Butterfly Cap:
A small cap made of lace shaped like a butterfly. The ladies at court would add jewels or other ornaments when it was worn at court.

The calash
Large, folding hood which was tied under the chin with two ribbons.

Also known as a Riding Hood. A soft, deep hood was used for travelling or general outdoor activities.

Referring to caps worn indoors.

Crants / Craunce:
Was not a hat but a garland of flowers which could be adorned with jewels. In England it was worn also at the funeral of a deceased virgin.

White cap with ruffled sides worn indoors.

Marie Josèphe de Saxe wearing a dormeuse
A hat with the front cocks tipping backwards and the brim opened up in the shape of a fan. Mostly worm by men but women could be seen wearing them on horseback too.

Hive Bonnet:
A straw hat with a high crown which was shaped like a bee-hive.

Large hat with the front brim cocked into a peak. Worn by men.

Back of a short hood
Mecklenburg Cap:
So-called "turbin-roll" which came into fashion after Charlotte of Mecklenburg married George III of England.

Mob Cap:
Another white cap worn indoors of either cambric or muslin. Even though it was equipped with ribbons it was always left untied.

Napkin Cap:
Used to cover up a man's bald head when his wig was being changed.

Opera Hat:
A small and flat hat which was designed to be carried under the arm.

Peter III's tricorne hat

A hat with a tall crown which was cocked open in the front.

Short Hood / Pug Hood:
A small hood with pleads extending from a knot at the back of the head.

Three-pointed hat.

Long piece of lace, muslin or gauze which would be attached to a headdress. Could cover the hair as well as the face.

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