Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Madame du Barry's Antechamber

Originally this room had large cabinets filled with linen, silverware and plates. Today one of Madame du Barry's original dinner service which she bought from the Sèvres factory in 1770 - the 77 pieces are decorated with garlands of flowers and blue ribbons. It is from this chamber that one enters the rest of the Comtesse's apartment so there are quite a few doors in this room. A fireplace has been installed which was quite necessary due to the cold weather during the winter. A portrait of the Duc de Brissac who was Madame du Barry's lover after the death of Louis XV hangs in this room. A bright red fabric has been used both for a chair and the fire screen though it seems almost out of touch with the soft beige of the walls.

L'Appartement de Madame DuBarry - L'Antichambre

L'Appartement de Madame DuBarry - L'Antichambre

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Antichamber of the apartment of madame Du Barry by Trizek @ Wikimedia Commons

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