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The Royal Bastards

Both Louis XIV and his successor Louis XV fathered a small regiment of royal bastards. Louis XIV would eventually officially recognize his illegitimate offspring which secured them a future at court or even secure them marriages into the most illustrious families of France - to the mixed consternation and joy of his courtiers. However, Louis XV was reluctant to recognize his illegitimate children which meant that they would never gain the same influence and status at court as their fellow-bastards. This is also why - as you will see in the following - that few of them have had their portraits painted.

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Louis XIV's Illegitimate Children 

Marie Anne de Bourbon
Princesse de Conti

Louis de Bourbon
Comte de Vermandois

Louis Auguste de Bourbon,
Duc du Maine

Louise-Francoise de Bourbon,
Duchesse de Bourbon

Louis-Cesar de Bourbon
Comte de Vexin

Louise Marie Anne de Bourbon,
Mademoiselle de Tours

Françoise-Marie de Bourbon
Duchesse d'Orlèans

Louis-Alexandre de Bourbon,
Comte de Toulouse

Louise de Maisonblanche
Baronesse de La Queue

Louis XV's Illegitimate Children

Charles de Ventimille,
Marquis de Luc

Amélie Florimond de Norville

Agathe Louise de Saint-Antoine de Saint-André

Marguerite Victoire Le Normant de Flaghac

Duc de Narbon-Lara

Agnès Louise de Montreuil

Anne Louise de la Rèale

Louis Aimé de Bourbon,
Abbe de Bourbon

Benôit Louis de Duc

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