Thursday, 27 February 2014

Louis XVI's Wallet

Wallet belonging to Louis XVI, used for secret correspondence with secret agent Beaumarchais. Red morocco leather, gilt shackled foliage; inside covered with green silk. Combination lock in white and pink gold, composed of six circular dials engraved with letters. To open, align the letters "A - L - O - U - I - S" from the center. Beaumarchais oversaw covert supply of arms and financial assistance before France's formal entry into the American War of Independence in 1778.

Louis XVI used this wallet for his secret correspondence with Beaumarchais and used to contain papers which contents the King did not want the court to know about. The wallet is made of red Moroccan leather decorated with golden motifs. The inside is lined with green silk. It is the lock however which is quite interesting. The white and pink gold lock has six dials with different letters on it which can be turned to form the correct code: A-L-O-U-I-S.  

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